2402 unique generative NFTs to support our countrySTOP WAR IN UKRAINE

100% of primary sale and royalties(10%) will be donated to the
official ETH crypto-wallet provided by the state of Ukraine.
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Most of you know or have an idea of what is currently happening in Ukraine. At dawn on February 24, 2022, Russia attacked Ukraine and started a full-scale war in our country, calling it a “special military operation to clear Ukraine of the Nazis.” The Russian occupants started coming from multiple fronts (from the north, east, and south) and targeted their air attacks toward numerous significant cities.

Russia planned to blitzkrieg us moving like a sweeping force through the major cities seizing them and advancing deeper to surround Kyiv.

On their way, they destroy civilian buildings, hospitals, schools, kindergartens, shelters, etc. People suffer. Civilian Ukrainian people who didn’t want to fight are now forced to either leave their homes or hide in the bomb shelters every night.

Russian media and government tell their people they are demilitarising Ukraine by the targeted destruction of strategic military facilities. They are using BM-21 Grads and ballistic missiles to target the residential areas despite the misinformation broadcasted in Russian media. At the end of the day, the people of our country suffer. Night air attacks and city battles result in many civil people being wounded and even killed: among them children, women, and older adults. Our army and defense volunteers are fighting heroically, guarding our territories. They sacrifice their lives gaining eternal glory in battles so that we can have a chance for a life in independent and sovereign Ukraine.

The relationship between Ukraine and Russia has been complicated and tense through the centuries. Just like now, we are being called Neo-Nazis for speaking our language and promoting our culture. Our ancestors were exiled, endangered, represented as a threat for doing the same things. Our beautiful nation has survived horrendous large-scale procedures aimed at destroying our national sovereignty: soviet repressions of the intelligentsia, Holodomor genocide of 1933, forced Russification.

But every time, Ukraine would resurrect from the ashes like a phoenix. But as the new generation of independent Ukraine, we will not let them burn us down this time.

Right now, Russia is being affected by the intense, well-financed but absurd agitprop. People are being taught false history and rewritten according to effective propaganda's needs. Anybody, who has enough will to speak up and oppose the regime, is either being threatened, imprisoned, or killed: Boris Nemtsov (assassinated), Alexey Navalny (currently imprisoned), Boris Berezovsky (murder disguised as suicide), and many others.

Russians have no actual right to vote and speak up. Opposition is being eliminated. Vladimir Putin and his regime have become a threat to the democratic world.

We are a team of four Ukrainians. And every one of us has worked hard to live a better life and take place in the sun. Except, we got ballistic missiles instead of the sun in our sky on February 24. One of our team members happened to be in Ukraine right before the fatal night.

I woke up to the loud explosions of air defense triggered by the ballistic missiles launched over Kyiv at like 4 am. I got scared; I panicked. Now, four days in, I calmly hide in my bathroom every time I hear the sirens nearby. I started working again, trying to return to the routine I had before the war. Last night, I started writing this exact text hiding in the basement during a massive air attack. Now I’m editing it while sitting in the bathroom, surrounded by the blankets and pillows (it turned out they have decent civil amortization properties). Our entire team, we believe that the best we can do is use our skills and knowledge to support our army, country, and people at this crucial moment in our history.

100% of sale profits and royalties will support the Ukrainian army and Ukrainian people in need as soon as possible.

We want people from all over the world to join their forces and contribute to fighting the big evil together.


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The creators of this project.
Before Russia invaded our country, we were all just doing our thing, working, meeting friends, and making plans for the future.
Anastasia was a fashion stylist, Oksana was a creative nail artist, and Nastya was a makeup artist.


That was our usual day in Kyiv.
At that time we couldn't even imagine that on one day our lives will drastically change. We had no idea that war could become our new reality.

Русский корабль, ИДИ НА ХУЙ!